Countries like Australia, UK, New Zealand, and Canada accept IELTS test as a proof of English language proficiency for their immigration process. So, the applicants have to take the IELTS test to migrate to foreign countries. (higher education, professional registration, and PR etc.).

If you want to apply for Permanent residency Visa (PR) or work VISA, then you should take the IELTS General training test. Similar to the Academic version, this test has four modules i.e. listening, reading, speaking and writing. Applicants who wish to get a work visa are required to get the eligible band score as per the norms of their desired country. This eligible band score varies from country to country.

Let’s take a look at IELTS eligibility criteria and the benefits of Australia and Canada...

Immigration, Refugees, and citizenship Canada (IRCC) expect every immigration aspirant to prove their English language abilities.
Many universities, corporate organizations, and employers consider IELTS as a strong assessment which proves the English language abilities of the applicants who want to work in Canada.
Canada is welcoming migrants to live, study and work with huge professional openings and amazing living opportunities. In fact, Canada is inviting more than 3,30,000 immigrants by 2020.
Over 350 universities in Canada approve IELTS score for providing admissions to students from non-English speaking countries. They expect applicants to have native English speaking abilities used in university surroundings in daily life.
Language is the medium to communicate in every country and Canada is no exception. If you are applying for a Canadian visa, you should score according to the Canadian English language eligibility criteria. They have a point based system and the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB). The applicants should make sure that they get IELTS band scores to reach the specified CLB points in listening, speaking, reading and Writing.
The minimum CLB you need to score is CLB-7.
But it is advisable to score more than CLB 9 which can make the applicants eligible to get through facilities like PR, citizenship etc.
IELTS is accepted in various VISA categories in Australia. It is the major requirement for professional organizations and educational institutions. IELTS test is the primary choice of many educational institutions, training providers, professional alliances etc. to scale English languages skills of applicants. They expect the applicant skills in English language should meet the native English language requirements.
If you are applying for Permanent residency visa then, you have to get the eligible band score in IELTS set by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for applicants applying for Permanent residence (PR) in Australia. You can work, live, study in Australia if you get a PR visa.
Australian Immigration accepts IELTS general training test if applicants apply for PR visa or work visa. In case, if the applicant wants to study in Australia, then he/she needs to give IELTS academic test.
Test takers skills will be assessed on a scale of 1-9 in the four modules. For Australian immigration, the minimum band score required is 6 band score. Australia has Point based system in immigration and PR processes where your score must be above 7, so you can gain the required points for applicants key profile factors i.e.; education, profession, PR etc.
This IELTS test is valid for 2 years from the test given date.