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IELTS Reading syllabus

IELTS reading module is different for IELTS Academics reading and IELTS general training reading. Simultaneously, syllabus differs for both the tests.

In IELTS academic reading, there are three long passages and these passages are taken from context published in books, journals, newspapers which are usually encountered by students in college. These passages conceal vast variety of concepts like travel, science, literature etc. Passages you get to read are very lucid to everyone irrespective to their fields.

In IELTS general training reading test, there are three sections. In section-1, you will get one or two short texts and section-2 follows with two texts and in section-3, you’ll get a long text. These passages are entirely related to topics which we come across in newspapers advertisements, magazines in everyday life. The questions types in reading module can be in various formats, for e.g. true/false/not given, yes/no/not given, paragraph headings, matching information, matching names, multiple choice, matching sentence endings, sentence completion, summary completion(Subjective),Summary completion(Objective),Short answer questions and diagram labeling.