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IELTS Speaking Tips

IELTS speaking module is very important amongst the four modules in IELTS to either IELTS academic test or IELTS general training test applicants, because any flaw you commit in speaking module can make all your struggle and best performances in the last three modules i.e. listening, reading and writing to go in vain. If you wish to prove yourself in speaking test, implement the following tips in speaking module preparation.

  • We must initiate this incorporation to your preparation for IELTS speaking module with the fundamental tip i.e. build an aura of English around yourself
  • Just go out of your way in your entertainment rituals and start reading English books, journals, E-Newspapers, blogs, etc.., or listen to American podcasts or recorded interviews of your American actors, singers or entrepreneurs and try to watch English movies of different genres. Doing this can actually help you shape your English abilities according to native foreign English language. You can get awareness on foreign accents, pronunciation, emotions/expressions while speaking etc....
  • You can shape up your speaking accent to reflect native speaking accent in abroad. We have got many prospects like podcasts, radio streaming in foreign countries, news channels like BBC News, Fox news, Euro News, Ted X talks etc.., you can easily grasp appropriate foreign accents through these mediums. Apposite accent will act as an added ancillary to your profile in IELTS speaking module.
  • Pick up a recorder and record your speech every time you practice. Through this you can review yourself and realize your weaknesses in speaking.
  • Try to watch seminars seminars and speeches in English language in order to catch the pitch levels and physical gestures you can use while speaking to make your speech attractive.
  • Have a companion in your daily life and try to speak in English with Him/ Her all the time. It will be a practical implementation of your theoretical practice in speaking. In any language, one should follow certain expressions, emotions and pronunciations while speaking and English is not any exemption. You can watch different genres in English movies to know how to apply emotions and expressions while you speak and you can also know the difference between the pronunciations of words you’re already familiar with.