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IELTS Preparation Strategies

  • IELTS is an English proficiency test and it’s obvious that you should have strong communication skills to clear IELTS. So try to build strong communication abilities through the abundant resources you have got around.
  • You must strategize your preparation in all the four modules of IELTS test because Strategizing can help you clear every module feasibly.
  • There are so many IELTS books you can get in internet or in book stores to get awareness on IELTS test format, topics covered in the tasks, scoring criteria, IELTS test benefits etc, so, just go get them and dig the subject to create your own entity for preparation.
  • IELTS test is mainly purposed to assess how far your English language can get compatible to live in western countries in terms of writing, speaking, fluency etc. So, try to learn different types of pronunciations, gestures, accents…., in English by reading English newspapers, watching English news channels or through any medium where native English is being used for communication.
  • The main motto of communication is Empathy, so always make sure that your opinions or ideas reach the opponent whom you want to express. Let it happen through any mode either it can be in writing or speaking. It’s suggestible to have an English speaking partner in your IELTS preparation period to have conversations with him in English and review each other. This will really help you very much in IELTS speaking module.
  • Hone your English language in different segments like your accent, the way you pronounce the words, vocabulary usage while you speak or while you write. In short, your English traits should reflect the native foreign English.
  • For example, here in India, We pronounce “0” as “Zero” in abroad people say it “O”, in the same way there are many dissimilarities in pronunciation, use of vocabulary. So try to practice English language according to the country you want to migrate.