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IELTS Reading Strategies

In IELTS Reading module in IELTS test is one of the typical modules. You may get some hard times in IELTS reading module where you cannot understand certain tough sentences in the passage which you cannot understand. So you can overcome such hard times by following some strategies.

  • It’s advisable to analyze the passage’s organization once you get to see it. Organization of the passage includes the key terms used, number of paragraphs, phrases, identical words etc. By this analysis you can easily understand the concept of the passage and it’ll be feasible to find the answers for the questions.
  • We must discuss a most prominent strategy which helped a lot of test takers in clearing IELTS reading module, i.e. Skimming. This strategy is all about understanding the main segments of the passage such as headlines, names and titles etc. You should try to grasp the writer’s idea at your first glance in order to save your time from passing throughout the passage. You must make the beginning and near part of the conclusion as the main focal points in order to get a complete scheme of the passage.
  • Although reading module is different for IELTS academic and IELTS general training tests, you must follow the strategies same strategies in clearing both the tests. Both IELTS academic test and IELTS general training tests have three sections and each section has a long text. There will be a whole of 40 questions in both the tests you are supposed to finish the tests in 60 minutes. You will not get any spare time to transfer your answers into answer sheet in IELTS reading test, so fill your answer sheet as soon as you find the answer for the questions in the passage.
  • Don’t try to implement any logics or any analytics during the test in answering questions, because they might kill your time and you may not be able to answer all the given questions. So all you have to do is just search the answers from the passage given.
  • Understanding questions is the most important move you should take other than anything, because you can search for answers only when you understand the questions. Scanning is a simple strategy which you can follow in order follow to get answers quickly. All you need to do is, just understand what information you need to spot in the passage, It might be a name of a person, it might be a relation between two persons, it might a year, it might a location etc, it can be anything, scanning can help you find the exact answer quickly.