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IELTS Writing Strategies

  • Task 1: Study the content and make a summary of the keypoints and overall trends because there is a possibility of losing marks for the content if you misinterpret the information. The examiner will not count the words which you are directly copying from the question, hence it is better, if you introduce the information in your own words. No student wants to lose marks, so never miss any keypoints to illustrate them. It is always better to include an overview of the information either in your introduction/conclusion. In order to score more marks, it is better to use good vocabulary and well structured grammar. Good organisation of your answers, usage of linkers and reference words will always fetch you more marks. Manage your time in such a way that you can count your words to make sure you have written enough. Always be careful with grammar, spelling and punctuation. Mentally plan the presentation of your answer before you start writing.
  • Task 2: You must have a compelling introduction to your answer. Then you can continue with the statement explaining the stand you will be taking with regard to that topic. Then you can write down points supporting the stand you have taken. You can also write some points against the stand you ahve taken which will finally give an impactful conclusion.