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Many people have the dream to fly abroad on various interests like academics, professional registration, and permanent residency. Being an abroad career aspirant, you are required to take the IELTS test to prove your English language abilities to the immigration authorities, universities or companies of the country you desire to migrate. IELTS will majorly assess the test takers English language skills with respect to the language used in scenarios of everyday life, workplaces and universities.

IELTS test is categorised into two versions, according to test takers purpose of migration.

  • IELTS Academic Test.
  • IELTS General Training Test.

Today, youngsters are planning to take undergraduate or postgraduate programs, hence, they keep high hopes on western countries as unique academic approaches and better career building opportunities are abundant in foreign countries. In the admission process, universities and training schools are expecting students to prove their English language skills in the IELTS Academic test. Hence, IELTS academic test is framed with segments that reflect the English language used in a university environment. So, students from non-native English speaking countries should gain eligible band score with respect to eligibility criteria set up by university or country they are applying.

Many foreign countries are welcoming people across the world to live, work and explore in their country to fulfil the growing demands of the country. This awareness on the lifestyle, work opportunities and earning sources in foreign countries has raised fascination in people. Moreover, foreign countries are actually attracting people with the benefits and privileges which are affordable in their countries. As a result, many people are migrating abroad to settle down in those countries every year.

Every western country which accepts the IELTS score has set up their own eligibility criteria for non-native IELTS test takers who want to settle in their country. So, applicants should achieve required band score in IELTS general test according to the English speaking country they want to migrate.