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IELTS Preparation Tips

IELTS tips would really help you to make yourself for the test, check out below,

  • The most fundamental and important document every IELTS applicant need to have is a valid Indian Passport authorized by government of India. You will not be allowed into the exam center if you don’t carry a passport to exam center, so make sure that you have a valid passport along with you before you leave for IELTS exam.
  • Earlier, IELTS test used to be a written test but later it has upgraded into computerized test, so you don’t worry if you have a disagreeable handwriting. In IELTS test, you will be evaluated for your proficiency in English language not for your physical appearance or not for your outfit, just enter the test room in any outfit you are comfortable in but don’t let it go too casual.
  • On Day-1, you are required to sit in the exam hall for more than 2 hours 40 min to finish Listening, reading and writing test. It is going be very hard to spend such long span of time without moving, so eat right food to serve you enough energy to sit and concentrate on the test. Similarly, take proper sleep to avoid dizziness during test.
  • In India, generally IELTS test start at 1’o clock in afternoon in every test center and make sure that you aware about the distance it takes for you to reach the exam center but its highly advisable to present at the exam center 1 ½ hour before the test starts i.e. nearly around 11:30 am to get free from stressed feeling and prepare yourself mentally to finish foregoing test processes. You will not be allowed to give the test if you arrive late to the test center.
  • Once you start taking the test, you will not be allowed to get off the allotted place to use washrooms. So make sure you finish all your washroom deeds before the test starts. In some test centers, invigilators may allow you to use washrooms but you will miss the test time as you will not be provided any spare time.
  • Better carry a water bottle along with you to test center in order to save time.
  • You are not allowed to carry mobile phones inside the exam center, so check yourself before you enter the test center that you don’t have a mobile phone along with you as you may be fined if caught.
  • You are required to have awareness on the order of the tests on IELTS exam. You have to know when listening, reading and writing tests are going to happen. In most of the countries the sequence of tests in day-1 will be Listening test followed by reading test and at last we have the two writing tasks(task-1 and Task-2), But in Australia sometimes the sequence of the tests vary, so make sure that you are known about the order of the test before the exam starts.