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IELTS Listening syllabus

In IELTS listening module the test taker is required to take four sections where monologues and recorded conversations will be played in every section and you need to write the answers to the questions given upon the recording. In section-1 you will listen to a conversation between two people set in an everyday life context e.g. booking a suite room in a motel, In section-2 you will listen to a monologue set in everyday social circumstances e.g. how the earth is being affected by global warming etc. In section-3, you listen to a discussion between up to four people set in an educational sequence e.g. three students discussing convocation day arrangements, a teacher and student conversation about developments necessary in public transport etc.

The questions are given from the recording you hear and same happens with the other sections. A variety of questions will be given like form completion format, note completion, table completion, flowchart completion, sentence completion, summary completion, short answer questions, plan/map labeling, diagram labeling, diagram labeling, multiple choice, and matching. Let us understand the question format through any one format from the above-mentioned ..,

Form Completion:

In form filling type questions you are supposed to fill the blanks with answers in no more than three words. The format can be given on any sequence from the recording for e.g.If the monologue is based on Halloween party celebrations and the form completion questions can be given this way,

IELTS Listening syllabus