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IELTS Writing Syllabus

IELTS writing can be distinguished between IELTS academic writing test and IELTS general training writing test. The type of topics given in the tasks makes the difference between both the tests.

IELTS Academic Writing test:

Let us understand IELTS Academic writing test syllabus and format with a comprehensive enlargement.

In IELTS Academic Writing test, you are required to take two writing tasks. In writing task-1, you may be asked to elaborate facts or figures encumbered in one or more graph/diagram /table/chart or they may be given a diagram of a machine, a device or a process and asked to describe how it works. You have to cover all the major points in the figure or chart or chart in your description and some minor points those you haven’t mentioned will be exempted. You have to write description in at least 150 words and finish your writing in 20 minutes. But always remember while you write task-1 that you shouldn’t spend much time in writing task-1 as you have to spend double the time you spend on task-1 in writing task-2 description.

In Academic writing task-2, you are given a topic to write about an academic or neutral/ semiformal style. Answers should be discursive consideration of the relevant issues. You should make sure that you understand the task carefully and give relevant response. You will be given a topic which is on specific aspect and asked to write your response on that aspect. The format of might differs for every question, so practice as many times as you can.

IELTS General training writing test:

IELTS general training writing test also has two tasks. In task-1, the test taker will be asked to respond on any situation by writing a letter requesting information or explaining a situation. The Letter can be formal/Informal or semiformal and should be comprised of at least 150 words. The situations usually test takers are usually asked to write on are general everyday ones like writing to college management head officer about problems with funds release, writing to a renting agency to sort out the water leakage problem in their home, etc.

You are required to incorporate some information in your response which you’ll be provided in the form of three bullet points. The style of writing letter you need to follow will completely depends on audience (people whom you are addressing) in the letter, if you are writing to a friend then letter can be informal, you should follow formal/semi-formal style when you write a letter to Manager. Its suggestible to not to spend more than 20 minutes in completing this task as task-2 requires twice the time you’ve spent on letter writing in task-1.

In IELTS general training writing task-2,the test taker is required to write an discursive essay on any topic of general interest like women empowerment, how to keep central park clean, weather selling cigarettes to youngsters under 18 years should be banned etc., which may involve factual information, justifying an opinion and evaluating an evidence. You have to make sure that your essay is comprised of at least 250 words and should be finished in no more than 40 min. The task-2 has more probability than task-1, so try to finish the task-2 as your chance of attaining good score will get deduced if you leave it unfinished. You’ll be penalized if your essay has irrelevant information other than the required exaggeration.