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IELTS Speaking syllabus

IELTS speaking module is same for both IELTS academic and IELTS general training tests. IELTS speaking test is completely designed to assess your speaking abilities and how well you can communicate your opinions to run empathy. IELTS speaking test is the major test among the four modules. It has three tasks; where task-1 will be an introduction and interview round and it is followed by part-2 where the test taker gets a cue card and asked to speak on the particular topic he/she gets in that cue card including some points to cover in his/her talk. The test taker will get a span of one or two minutes along with a pencil and paper to make notes on the topic before they start their talk. The test taker should talk on the topic he/she gets in the cue card for 1 or 2 minutes and the examiner will stop the test taker’s speech after two minutes and will ask questions from the same topic. In part-3, the test taker will be asked questions based in topic in part-2, where the test taker will get an opportunity to discuss abstract opinions and issues.

IELTS speaking module, the test taker are mainly evaluated on certain important factors like fluency and coherence which refers to the capability of speaking with continuity and the ability to merge ideas with language to form coherence. The ability of using cohesive devices (e.g. conjunctions, tenses, pronouns) while speaking, the ability to argument on an opinion are considered to be the evaluating factors for a test taker in IELTS speaking module. Then, the most important evaluating factor for the test taker is lexical resource which refers to the range of apt vocabulary used and the choice of words which convey exact and accurate meaning while speaking. This skill in the test taker will be focused majorly during evaluation. The other most important evaluating factor in speaking module is grammatical range and vocabulary which refers to the test taker’s ability to use accurate and appropriate grammar. This also refers to the range of sentence structures and the major indicator of grammatical accuracy is the grammatical errors happened in the given limit of speech. At last, we have pronunciation, which is the major factor in evaluation for test taker. Pronunciation is so important to any communication that it can either make your speech attractive or it can shatter your speech.